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TwitterCart Free

About TwitterCart

TwitterCart is a Social WordPress Plugin developed by Browserweb Inc. , WordPress Developers, using Twitter’s API functionality to allow for Woocommerce Store Owners & Store Customers to easily interact on Twitter. The #TwitterCart plugin is designed so that Woocommerce Store Owners are able to post their latest products, or sale items to Twitter directly from inside WordPress Admin using a unique identifier, in this case the hashtag, which is universally accepted as a search algorithm when using #Twitter. Simply the Best Free Twitter WordPress Plugin for Sales.

Step 1

Install TwitterCart (see video tutorial )

Step 2

Configure Options Page (see video tutorial )

Step 3

Compose and Post a new Tweet (which is a product from your Woocommerce Store) from inside WordPress with your #hashtag identifier.

Step 4

Watch your product go viral on Twitter!  See customers @reply with the #hashtag idenitifier or interact on Twitter about your product. Customers will be able to add to cart or add to wishlist for easy checkout on your store next time they login.

TwitterCart Free is our GPL, open source version that’s available for download or auto-installation at WordPress HERE.  It enjoys all the functionality you need, without the bells and whistles.  You can compare versions HERE.

#hashtags for #addtocart and #addtowishlist

There are two types of hashtag the Woocommerce Store Owners can post, namely #addtocart format or #addtowishlist.

Customers who view these product postings on Twitter can reply to the Store Owner using the @reply feature and the #addtocart or #addtowishlist hashtag will be in that reply.

On sending the reply, this product is either added to the customers account ready for checkout, or added to their wishlist automatically.

The next time they login to their account at the store owner’s website, the product will already be in the shopping cart or wishlist.

Customers can then purchase the item as normal. No sale transaction is carried out on Twitter, it is just “bookmarking” the product in the customer’s account.

Store Owners are posting Products directly from inside their WordPress Admin and are allowed 140 characters and an image as well when posting to their authorized Twitter account.

Not only can Store Owners reach their existing customers on Twitter, but #TwitterCart will attract new customers who see these Twitter posts.

If a new customer replies to the #TwitterCart product posting, then they will be asked to become a registered member at the Store Owner’s website in a Tweet reply!

Everyone on Twitter can share, retweet, follow the Store Vendors tweets thus increasing social sharing, customers and sales!

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